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  • Buy Stainless Steel Sink at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦290,000.00.Current price is: ₦280,000.00.


    Model Sink Size(mm) Dimension(mm)
    3 feet 400x400x280 1100x600x(850+100)
    3.5 feet 500x500x280 1200x700x(850+100)
    4 Feet 400x400x280 1500x600x(850+100)
    4 feet 500x500x280 1500x700x(850+100)
    5 Feet 400x400x280 1800x600x(850+100)
    5 Feet 500x500x280 1800x700x(850+100)
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  • Dingli Packing Machine AS-1000

    Original price was: ₦1,800,000.00.Current price is: ₦1,700,000.00.

    Ideal for Water Treatment company,  pure water dealers and Hotels

    This machine widely used to pack all liquid products such as water, milk, soybean milk, sauce, vinegar, yellow wine, all kind of drink with film.

    The whole process can be accomplished automatically, such as ultraviolet sterilization, bag determination, date printing, quantitative filling, enveloping, cutting, counting, and so on.

    The temperature of heat-sealing is controlled automatically, the production is very quick, the machine adopts stainless steel shell, and the sanitation is guaranteed.

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