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  • Buy Industrial Blender at Best Price in Lagos


    Jug Capacity:2L
    Net Weight:4.25kg

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  • Buy Industrial Bone Saw at Best Price in Lagos


    ●  It is suitable for cut through various bones easy with meat,frozen meat, poultry and
    fish etc
    ●  Built-in grinder makes processing fast and easy
    ●  Has a front access panel for easy clean up
    ●  This upright design takes up less room

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  • Buy Industrial Meat Mincer Size 22/12 at Best Price in Lagos


    ●  No sharp corner and gap,it is equipped with push-button switch,accord with safety
    ●  Non-slip feet for excellent stablitity
    ●  Fixed stainless steel hopper with hand protection
    ●  Reverse system avoid blockage for heavy duty use
    ●  The cutter is make of stainless steel,which is sharp a

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  • Buy Industrial meat Slicer at Best Price in Lagos


    SL Meat SlicerModel:SL-300ES-12A

    ●  Built-in sharpener
    ●  Easy cleanup
    ●  Stainless steel constructed blade
    ●  Compact footprint
    ●  ETL Sanitation and ETL Listed

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  • Buy Industrial Melon and Fruit Cutter at Best Price in Lagos


    ●  Versatile and efficient you can quickly process food to achieve different result with an
    excellent finish
    ●  Ventilated motor:powerful and low-noise can perform all processes effortlessly
    ●  Control with low-voltage swith
    ●  Machines conforming to CE Hygience and safety standards

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  • Buy Industrial Potato Peeler(15kg) at Best Price in Lagos


    ●  Firm wearable,and easy to clean
    ●  With good appearance
    ●  The potato feeling machine is efficient and energy saving

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  • Food saver Vacuum Sealer

    1. Size: 40.5x12x21.5cm,Material:ABS+PC、Power:200W, Voltage: 100V-120V, or 220V-240V
    2. Automatic VACUUM/SEAL or Sealing only
    3. Cancel button allows user to stop working any time.
    4. SPEED includes the gentle and normal speed for preventing crushing your food.
    5. FOOD setting ( Dry or Moist) is provided to be best sealed.
    6. SEAL function is only to seal the bag.
    7. VAC/SEAL button is provided for operating the vacuum followed by the seal function.
    8. This model has the vacuum port to work on vacuum canisters, zipper-locked bags, wine stoppers and other accessories.
    9. Built in roll cutter
    10. Removable drip tray
    11. Overheating protection
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  • Sugarcane Juice Making Machine


    Extract sugarcane juice fast and easy

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  • Vacuum Sealing Machine



    – Power Consumption 1.0 kW
    – Machine Weight 33 Kg Approx
    – Machine Dimension 485x340x345 mm Approx

    For Sealing Of Nylon
    Removes Air Out Of Bag

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