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Carl-Dave Global Ventures is Nigeria’s number one Commercial Kitchen Equipment destination. We pride ourselves in having everything you could possibly need for your Industrial Catering, Industrial bakery, Hotel, Industrial Fast Food, Industrial Commercial kitchen and Water Treatment, Filling and Packaging Equipment at the best prices than anywhere else. Some of our popular categories include Industrial Bakery Equipment, Industrial Cooking or Fast Food Equipment, Industrial Catering EquipmentIndustrial Food processing and preparation Equipment, Industrial refrigeration Equipment, Stainless steel shelving, Water Treatment, Filling and Packaging and a we have a whole lot more from premium brands. When you shop on our platform, you can pay with your debit card or pay on delivery It is a convenient and secured payment solution. Are you in the commercial foodservice industry?  We are here to serve all your needs as we have all commercial foodservice appliances you may require


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Carl-Dave Global is your one stop shop with all you could possibly need for life and leaving. With very broad categories containing several items, all you need to do select the products you need, add to your cart and check out. Take advantage of our detailed website content to know what you are looking to get before placing an order. Buy Industrial Bakery Equipment such as Industrial Bread Moulder, Industrial Bread Slicer, Industrial Convection Oven, Industrial Dough Sheeter, Industrial Food mixer, Industrial Deck Oven (Gas and Electric), Industrial Dough Dividing Machine, Industrial Proofer, Industrial Rotary Oven, Industrial cake/spiral mixer, and Industrial Waffle Baker at cheap price. Buy Industrial Catering Equipment like Chaffing DishIndustrial Curved Glass Bain Marie, Industrial Food Warmer, Industrial Coffee Grinder, Industrial Juice Dispenser, Industrial Water Boiler and Pop corn Machine. Also available is Industrial Cooking/Fast food Equipment such as Industrial Gas Cooker Range, Industrial Cooker Hood Range, Industrial Deep Fryer, Industrial Dish Washer, Industrial Electric Grill, Industrial Kebab/Shawarma Machine, Industrial Tilting Boiling Pan. More so we have Industrial Food Processing/Preparation Equipment in our arsenal like Industrial Blender, Industrial Bone saw, Industrial Meat Mincer, Industrial Meat Slicer, Industrial Melon and Fruit Cutter and Industrial Potato Peeler. Other products are Industrial refrigeration which includes Industrial Cake Display, Industrial hard and Soft Ice Cream Machine, Industrial Ice Cream Show Case, Industrial ice maker and Industrial Stainless Steel freezer. We also have Stainless Steel Shelving and wire Equipment like Stainless Steel Wire Shelf, Dinning cart, Stainless Steel Sink, Stainless Steel Work table and Weighing Scale and lastly, we have Water Treatment, Filling and Packaging like Dingli Packaging Machine, Bottle water filling, capping and packaging machine, Continuous Band Sealer, Coding Machine for printing Date, Granule  Packaging Machine, PET Blower, Foot Stamping Machine, Hand Sealer, Reverse Osmosis System, Liquid Filling Machine,and Capping Machine

We are working tirelessly to ensure all your needs are met, hence we shall continue to source and stock up products to meet your every need. All our appliances are suitable for industrial foodservice organisations.  You can also contact us for enquiry purposes. So Start Shopping.


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