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  • Bottle Water Washing, Filling and Capping Machine Model BF2000A Full Automatic

    Original price was: ₦13,500,000.00.Current price is: ₦13,400,000.00.


    BF2000A Automatic Bottle Washing, Filling And Capping Line

    Products Feature:

    The line is composed of automatic bottle washing, filling, capping and label shrinking machine, used for PET plastic bottles, glass bottles, can fill mineral water, fruit juice, soy sauce, wine and so on. Machine adopt very simple electric controller and very easy adjustment, suit for various types of bottles, It is the ideal production line for beverage makers.

    The washer can automatically finish the whole process: inside-bottle-washing and draining-out-bottle. It is the most advanced and applied machine for wash the plastic polyester bottle and glass bottle. It can make up of an automatically production line with bottle filler and sealer.

    The filler can accurately fill drink without gas, such as pure water, white spirit, wine, fruit juice and fruit syrup. It also can fill other liquid, such as vinegar, milk and pesticide. The filler works in sealed condition and without pollution

    The capper can automatically seal various size of cylinder-type bottle that matches plastic

    theft-proof capsule. With perfect performance, reliable operation, easy maintenance, it is

    widely used in automatic packing lines for various kinds of wine and drink.

    This label shrink machine adopts infrared radiation to shrink PVC/POP film label in the middle of bottle, with Intelligent digital temperature control of shrink tunnel. Machine is able to be designed to shrink label on the top of bottle as your requirement.

    Technical Specification:

    Model ZPC-12 Washer GC-12Filler YQX-3 Capper
    Capacity 2000-2500BPH 1500-3000BPH 2000BPH
    Working Position 12 12 1
    Volume of bottle 200-1500ML 200-1500ML 350-1500ML
    Power 0.75Kw 220/380V 0.75Kw 220/380V 0.55Kw 220V
    Dimension 135x135x190CM 175x115x200CM 175x115x200CM
    Weight 800Kgs 900Kgs 900Kgs
    Model BSL1535 Labeler Conveyor
    Capacity 1500-2000BPH 100-2500BPH
    Volume of bottle 200-1500ML
    Power 3.5KW 220/380V 0.75KW 220/380V
    Dimension 105x60x80CM 100x72x220CM
    Weight 80Kgs 200Kgs
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  • Buy Chaffing Dish at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦190,000.00.Current price is: ₦180,000.00.

    Net weight:12.5kg

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  • Buy Dinning Cart at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦180,000.00.Current price is: ₦170,000.00.
    Model 2.5 Ft 3 Ft 3.5 Ft
    Dimensions(mm) 710x410x810 810x460x850 860×540×940
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  • Buy Industrial Blender at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦200,000.00.Current price is: ₦190,000.00.

    Jug Capacity:2L
    Net Weight:4.25kg

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  • Buy Industrial Cake Display at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦2,100,000.00.Current price is: ₦2,000,000.00.

    Key feature:
    1. Four sides double glazed design, good insulation & display effect.
    2. Temperature uniformity, minimun loss of moist.
    3. Computer controller with digital display.
    4. Convenient movement with caster wheel.
    5. Adjustable toughened glass display deck with SS bracket.
    6. Energy-saving fluorescent tube, enhance display effect.
    7. Apron panel can be marble, color steel, stainless steel, fire-proof panel, etc.
    8. LED light and Danfoss compressor are optional.
    9.refrigerated display case of cakes.
    10.Efficient compressor.
    11.Computer controller,digital display
    12.Strong&adjustable shelf

    Model Rated Voltage (V/Hz) Rated Power (W) Temperature (°C) Refrigerant Dimensions Loading Qty
    3.5 Feet 220/50 315 2~10 R134a 1200*700*1180 46SETS/40’HQ
    4 Feet 220/50 335 2~10 R134a 1500*700*1180 30SETS/40’HQ
    5 feet 220/50 400 2~10 R134a 1800*700*1180 30SETS/40’HQ



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  • Buy Industrial Cooker Range Hood (2 Meters) at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦1,800,000.00.Current price is: ₦1,700,000.00.

    Features of Industrial cooker hood include:
    * High quality stainless steel
    * Explosion proof light to ensure safety
    * Removable exhaust panel for easy cleaning
    * High efficient oil filter effect

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  • Buy Industrial Counter Top Soft Ice-Cream Machine at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦1,900,000.00.Current price is: ₦1,850,000.00.


    Model 28 Liters 36 Liters
    Voltage(V) 220 220
    Frequency(Hz) 50 50
    Power(kw) 1.7 2.6
    Production Capacity(kg/h) 12-18(17-28L/h) 20-25(28-36L/h)
    Cup per Hour(80g/cup) 200-300 cps 330-420 cups
    Hopper Capacity(L) 2×5.8 2×5.8
    Net Weight(kg) 143 158
    Dimension(mm) 518x745x1425 518x745x1425
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  • Buy Industrial Curved Glass Bain Marie at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦1,700,000.00.Current price is: ₦1,600,000.00.

    Temperature Range:30~80°C
    Depth of Pan:100mm
    Specification:GN 1/2×1+GN1/3×7
    Net Weight:26kg

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  • Buy Industrial Food Warmer (2 Layers) at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦1,950,000.00.Current price is: ₦1,930,000.00.


    Model 98 Liters 128 Liters 168 Liters
    Power(kw) 0.47 0.9 0.93
    Frequency(Hz) 50 50 50
    Voltage(V) 220 220 220
    Capacity(L) 98 128 168
    Temperature(℃) 40~65 40~65 40~65
    Net weight(kg) 48 58 70
    Dimension(mm) 940x470x500 1240x470x500 1540x470x500
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  • Buy Industrial Hard Ice Cream Machine at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦1,950,000.00.Current price is: ₦1,900,000.00.

    Production Capacity:22-30kg/h(40-58L/h)
    Hopper Capacity:14L
    Net Weight:168kg

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  • Buy Industrial Ice Cream Show Case(18 plates) at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦2,400,000.00.Current price is: ₦2,350,000.00.

    1.Automatic rapid defrosting device to ensure the cooling effect.
    2. Cooled air circulation,cooling speed,temperature is even.
    3. Front light box can be affixed with ads and logo.
    4. Anti-fog canculate the door,beautiful,endurable,good display effect.
    5.High quality and famous brand compressor made of high-quality copper pipe.

    Model Power(kw) Voltage(V) Storage(L) Temperature(°C) Pan Size(mm) Net Weight(kg) Dimensions(mm)
    38 Liters 1.18 220 38 -18~-22 6xGN1/4×150 155 750x938x1418
    51 Liters 1.18 220 51 -18~-22 8xGN1/4×150 175 925x938x1418
    64 Liters 1.56 220 64 -18~-22 10xGN1/4×150 200 1100x938x1418
    77 Liters 1.56 220 77 -18~-22 12xGN1/4×150 220 1275x938x1418
    89 Liters 1.17 220 89 -18~-22 14xGN1/4×150 255 1450x938x1418
    102 Liters 1.17 220 102 -18~-22 16xGN1/4×150 280 1625x938x1418
    115 Liters 2.03 220 115 -18~-22 18xGN1/4×150 313 1800x938x1418
    128 Liters 2.03 220 128 -18~-22 20xGN1/4×150 350 1975x938x1418
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  • Buy Industrial Ice Maker at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦1,700,000.00.Current price is: ₦1,650,000.00.

    1.The ice have hardness,the freezing point can reach to -20°C,the ice is radiant and extremely keen,not easily to melt,cooling off the food speed quick.
    2.Beautiful style of ice,glue the side conglobation not easily,easy to use.
    3.The copper of science evaporate,solving to make the ice speed and the ice quantities antinomy,can guarantee the hundred percent yield,raise the ice
    4.Less energy,less water.
    Ordinary production:120kg
    Max ice production:120~130kg
    Max storage:45kg
    Net weight:54kg

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  • Buy Industrial Stainless Steel Freezer (Side by Side) Vertical at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦1,600,000.00.Current price is: ₦1,500,000.00.

    220V 50Hz
    Net Weight:210kg
    Internal Size:1395x690x1505mm

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  • Buy Industrial Stainless Steel Table Under bar Refrigerator at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦1,200,000.00.Current price is: ₦1,100,000.00.

    1.Digital temperature control system with accuracy maintaining at 2℃.
    2.Auto display notification of malfunction.
    3.Check working condition of every parts and components inside refrigerator anytime.
    4.Auto closing door.
    5.Automatic defrost function.
    6.Non-dead angle design.
    7.Thermal insulation design.
    8.High density polyurethane foam enables better insulation.

    Model TW-213R TW-280R
    Power(kw) 0.147 0.147
    Freqency(Hz) 50 50
    Voltage(V) 220 220
    Capacity(L) 213 280
    Temperature(℃) 2~8 2~8
    Dimensions(mm) 1200x600x850 1200x750x850
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  • Buy Industrial Tilting Boiling Pan at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦2,400,000.00.Current price is: ₦2,350,000.00.

    • Fully made of stainless steel both inside and outside/strong>.
    • Sanitary polishing.
    • Hinged lid with counterbalance system.
    • Hermetic lock with synthetic rubber seal in pressure boiling pans
    • Cooking valve with steam output regulated 0,5 kg/cm².
    • Full internal insulation.
    • Discharging tap.
    • Filling valve.
    • High resistance.
    • Great durability.

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  • Buy Industrial Water Boiler (40 Liters) at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦160,000.00.Current price is: ₦150,000.00.


    Stainless steel body

    Retains Heat

    Low Power Consumption

    Easy to clean


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