Six Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment

1. Employers should endeavor to develop a standard safety protocol that all employees must abide by within the operation premises.
2. If there’s anything involving the kitchen equipment that you don’t fully understand, refer to the appliance’s owner’s manual or look online for information, guidance, tips and e-manuals.
3. Always train employees who will be using the equipment to know and use the best methods, safest procedures and cleaning habits for each appliance.
4. One thing that’s not just good for maintenance but also required for health codes is a clean and tidy kitchen. Daily cleaning of all appliances should be habitual.
5. Nowadays many appliances are made out of stainless steel. Be sure to follow some easy but effective steps to clean stainless steel.
6. Schedule regular maintenance appointments with a professional to keep your equipment running well and to catch problems early.