Industrial Bread Slicer Safety tips

Industrial Bread Slicer
Industrial Bread Slicer

Careless use of Industrial bread slicer can be very fatal to the worker using it and the company at large, hence we urge bakery industries to adopt the following safety tips:

  • Use an Industrial bread-slicing machine with safety guards/barriers that don’t allow access to the slicing blades.
  • Ensure the machine has safety devices, such as a stop and emergency stop button, and use them where necessary.
  • Don’t leave the machine on unattended.
  • Only one person should use the machine at a time and no-one should stand behind another  person using it.
  • Clean and maintain the machine in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. Don’t clean machine or make adjustments without isolating the power first.
  • Do not use the machine as a work top.
  • Ensure machine is regularly inspected by a competent person.
  • Employees should be provided with adequate supervision and training. Only trained personnel should use the machine.
  • Written operating instructions should be provided to employees (also keep a copy near the machine).
  • Avoid wearing loose fitting clothing with loose sleeves.
  • Use protective gloves for cleaning and maintenance.

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