Commercial Bread Baking: Industrial Dough Divider Role

Industrial paste-dividing-machine
Industrial paste-dividing-machine

Scaling or dividing The dough is divided into individual pieces of predetermined uniform weight and size. The weight of the dough to be taken depends on the final weight of the bread required.

Generally, 12% extra dough weight is taken to compensate for the loss. Dividing should be done within the shortest time in order to ensure the uniform weight. If there is a delay in dividing, corrective steps should be taken either by degassing the dough or increasing the size of the dough. The degassers are essentially dough pumps which feed the dough into the hopper and in the process remove most of the gas.

The advantages of using degassers are: (i) more uniform scaling,

(ii) uniform pan flows and

(iii) uniform grain and texture of bread

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