4 Reasons to Use Industrial Cooking Equipment in Foodservice Operations

In today’s world, we want everything fast. Fast cars, fast Wi-Fi, and especially fast food. But with cooking food, quality is often sacrificed in favor of time. Not with the Industrial cooking technology. With Industrial cooking equipment, foodservice operations can prepare quality food in less than half the time of traditional methods.

So why should your Fast food, Bakery, Hotel or Catering operation use Industrial cooking Equipment? Here are 4 reasons to consider:


It goes without saying that Industrial cooking is fast. Roasting vegetables in a full-service restaurant, toasting breakfast sandwiches in a coffee shop, or steaming of fresh fish(point and kill) in a fast food resort, Industrial cook equipment create fully cooked meals in a matter of minutes, and often seconds. In fact, cook times can be decreased by 80% with rapid cook equipment like the following:

Range Cooker

Food mixers

Electric Grill

Shawarma machine

Deck Oven

Deep fryer and so on

That’s less time for customers to wait, and more time for the kitchen to cook up the next wave of orders.


By saving time with rapid cooking equipment, it gives operators more time to cook their entire menu. From potatoes and rice to sandwiches and chicken wings, Industrial cook equipment are a complete kitchen requirement. The versatility expands to operators as well. Simple controls and programmable settings mean everyone from the head chef to the junior kitchen staff member can operate Industrial cook equipment with required training.


Industrial cooking equipment utilizes optimal space. No matter how big or small the kitchen, every foodservice operation from local bars to five-star restaurants can take advantage of this technology. And with certain models, their stackable design lets you double your throughput without losing an inch of counter.


It’s a no-brainer that the quicker a meal is prepared, the more guests an operation can serve, which mathematically equals larger profit. The main aim of entrepreneurs going into any form of business is to make profit. Industrial Cooking equipment will help you achieve more Returns on Investment (R.O.I). Now that’s “fast” food done right with Industrial cooking Equipment.