Tips on correct use of Industrial Cooker Hood Range

Industrial Cooker hood
Industrial Cooker hood

Correct use

  • Never use a naked flame beneath the Industrial cooker hood. To avoid the danger of fire, do not flambé or grill over a naked flame. When switched on, the cooker hood could draw flames into the filter. Fat deposits could ignite, presenting a fire hazard.
  • The cooker hood can become damaged when exposed to excessive heat. When using the cooker hood over an industrial gas range, ensure that any burners in use are always covered by a pan. Switch the burner off when a pan is removed, even for a short time.

– Select a pan which is suitable for the size of the burner.

– Regulate the flame so that it does not burn up the sides of the pan.

– Avoid overheating the pan

  • Always switch the cooker hood on when any burner is in use, otherwise condensation may collect in the hood, which could cause corrosion.
  • When cooking with oil or fat, chip pans and deep fat fryers etc, do not leave the pans unattended. Never leave an open grill unattended when grilling. Overheated oil and fat can ignite and could set the cooker hood on fire.
  • Do not use the cooker hood without the filters in place. This way you will avoid the risk of grease and dirt getting into the appliance and hindering its smooth operation.
  • The filters should be regularly cleaned or changed as appropriate. Saturated filters are a fire hazard.
  • The cooker hood can get very hot during cooking due to heat rising from the hob. Do not touch the housing or the grease filters until the cooker hood has cooled down. 3

Correct installation

  • Refer to the cooker manufacturer’s instructions as to whether a cooker hood may be operated above the cooker.
  • Safety regulations prohibit the fitting of a cooker hood over solid fuel stoves.
  • Insufficient distance between the cooker and the cooker hood can result in damage to the hood.

The minimum safety distances between the top of the cooker and the bottom of the cooker hood given in the “Installation” section must be maintained, unless the cokoer manufacturer states that a greater distance is required.

If more than one cooking appliance is fitted beneath the cooker hood, and they have different minimum safety distances to the cooker hood, select the greater distance.

  • The distances given in “Installation” must be observed when fitting the cooker hood. Exhaust ducting must be of non-inflammable material.
  • The appliance must not be connected to a chimney or flue which is in use. Neither should it be connected to ducting which ventilates rooms with fireplaces.
  • If exhaust air is to be extracted into a chimney or ventilation duct no longer used for other purposes, seek professional advice.


Cleaning and care

  • Do not use a steam cleaning appliance to clean this appliance. The steam could reach electrical components and cause a short circuit.