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  • Buy Industrial Stainless Steel Table Under bar Refrigerator at Best Price in Lagos

    Original price was: ₦1,200,000.00.Current price is: ₦1,100,000.00.

    1.Digital temperature control system with accuracy maintaining at 2℃.
    2.Auto display notification of malfunction.
    3.Check working condition of every parts and components inside refrigerator anytime.
    4.Auto closing door.
    5.Automatic defrost function.
    6.Non-dead angle design.
    7.Thermal insulation design.
    8.High density polyurethane foam enables better insulation.

    Model TW-213R TW-280R
    Power(kw) 0.147 0.147
    Freqency(Hz) 50 50
    Voltage(V) 220 220
    Capacity(L) 213 280
    Temperature(℃) 2~8 2~8
    Dimensions(mm) 1200x600x850 1200x750x850
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