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  • Buy Slush Machine (3 Tanks) at Best price in Ojo Lagos

    Original price was: ₦990,000.00.Current price is: ₦980,000.00.
    • SLUSHIE: A slushie is a drink composed mostly of fine ice crystals; It is an uncarbonated beverage that is made by freezing a non-carbonated juice or other liquid; Most commonly made with water and a colorful syrup.
    • SLUSHIE MACHINE: A slushie machine is a piece of equipment that makes fine ice slushies and frozen drinks; The slushie machine is great to use in your bar, restaurant, or gas station.
    • FREEZING: The freezing process is what allows this machine to make amazing frozen drinks; This process is achieved using spinning propellers and a metal cylinder; The spinning propellers pull the liquid through the freezing cylinder creating a slush; The spinning propeller then pushes the slush out of the back of the cylinder.
    • TANKS: The three tanks are 15 Liters; Each tank is made of a strong plastic material which is high/low temperature resistant; It is unbreakable, non-toxic, and removable.
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